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Advisory Committee

The Rules of the Society provide for an Advisory Committee whose role is to:

(a) assist the Clerk of the Overseas Office of the House of Commons (UK) in his/her role in support of the Society;
(b) advise the Editors of The Table on the editorial policy and content of the publication;
(c) make recommendations to the annual meeting of the Society on strategic issues concerned with the development of the organization;
(d) consult with the Clerk of the Overseas Office (H of C UK) regarding the agenda and other issues related to the conduct of the annual meeting of the Society, and
(e) advise the Webmaster as to the content of the Society's Web site.

The Rules establish the Advisory Committee membership as follows:

(a) a Society member from a Parliament from each of the nine Regions of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association with a view to ensuring a balanced representation from large, medium and small Parliaments;
(b) a member of the Society representing the Parliament hosting the next Society of Clerks' meeting, and
(c) the Clerk of the Overseas Office of the House of Commons (UK ) as ex officio.

Accordingly, the current membership of the Advisory Committee is:

Regional Representatives


Mr. Eric Modibedi Phindela, Secretary to the National Council of Provinces of South Africa

Caribbean, Atlantic & the Americas

Mr Pedro Eastmond, Clerk of the Parliament, Barbados


Mr. Dhammika Dasanayake, Secretary General of the Parliament of Sri Lanka

Australia/New Zealand

Mr. Tom Duncan, Clerk of the Assembly, Australian Capital Territory


Ms. Patricia Chaychuk, Clerk of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly

British Isles & the Mediterranean

Sir Paul Grice, Clerk and Chief Executive, Parliament of Scotland


Shri Utpal Kumar Singh, Secretary General of the Lok Sabah


Mr. Eni Tekanene, Clerk of Parliament, Kiribati

Southeast Asia

Mrs. Roosme Hamzah, Clerk of the House of Representatives of Malaysia

Host of the next meeting

Mr. Gérard Lafrenière, Interim Clerk of the Senate and Clerk of the Parliaments

Mr. Charles Robert, Clerk of the House of Commons, Canada

HEAD OF THE INTERPARLIAMENTARY RELATIONS OFFICE of the House of Commons (UK) – ex officio member

Ms. Lynn Gardner, Head of the Interparliamentary Relations Office, House of Commons of the United Kingdom

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